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Llangollen Balloon Fiesta 2009

Fantastic Llangollen model balloon meet where lots of indoor flying took place to the enjoyment of the crowd, Ben and Max Alford and Ray Preston took part in the nightglow even though it got a bit gusty in places we continued to fly. This years meet hosted an endurance competition where the pilots have to fly continuously off the ground and are not allowed to touch their craft, The competition was divided into two catagories, catagory 1 is where the balloon can only have a single tank and a single burner and catagory 2 is where an unlimited amount of bottles and tanks are allowed. The catagory 1 competition was won by Max Alford with 47 minuets and the catagory 2 competition was won by Ben Alford with 54 minuets (this was later unofficially beaten by Ray Preston with 1hour 8 mins) the hare and hounds marker drop was won by Ray Preston being only an inch and a half off the centre of the target. Many thanks to Andy Marshall for organising the meet and i am sure all the pilots are looking forward to next year.

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