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Southwest Model Show 2010

The first event of the season and also the first event being an affiliated club with the BMFA.

And what a weekend, the sun shone and the crowds came to the show, the stand was manned by Andy Booth, Ray Preston, Ben & Max Alford, Roy Boyle, Adrian Darby and Dave Milkins. And our welfare and culinary needs were looked after by our chairman and chief Paul Alford.

Ben put on a basket weaving display and Ray Preston put on a sewing display as well as the other members chatting to the public and also putting on a flying display as often as the conditions would allow. After the show closed on Saturday Ben, Max and Andy put on a nightglow for the model aircraft pilots. One of the pilots joined in the nightglow with a plane covered in LED's to make a brilliant display. At the end a slight mishap occurred and the plane suddenly and accidently flew into Max's balloon bringing his nightglow to an end and a small hole in his envelope (quickly repaired on Sunday morning).

Sunday brought another brilliant day and even better weather. Andy, Ben, Max and Roy all flew before the show opened and when the crowds arrived all the club members worked hard answering the public's questions and also putting on as many flying displays as they could.

(A thank you has been received from the organisers and also an invite to attend next year's event)

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